Bacon Cheese, Original Patty Men - Birmingham, UK

Down an offbeat passage underneath a railway arch sits Original Patty Men; a small but charismatic burger joint.
This is a restaurant of minimal thrills, being compact in size and industrial in style. Nonetheless, this caters to what the brand stands for, coming from a street food background; Digbeth Dining Club to be specific. The evolution of this brand really does speak volumes for its product and fan-base -- so what IS all the fuss about?

Glancing at the menu tells you just about everything you need to know; this is a dedicated burger joint. With just four burgers on the menu (and typically one special), paired with three types of fries and two sides, the expectation of quality is high. Notably on the menu is the 'Big Verns Krispy Ring'; Original Patty Men's take on the glazed doughnut burger. That is a review for another day, however (in the not too far future I imagine), as I opted for the 'Bacon Cheese'; a classic aged beef patty with maple coated bacon, American cheese, onion, lettuce, pickle, ketchup and mustard between a brioche bun.

My meal was served on a silver tray lined with own-brand greaseproof paper; a nice touch to enhance brand identity. The fries sat within a foil tray, whilst the burger was wrapped and sealed with a branded sticker. Unwrapping it was a pleasure revealing a true dirty burger, with the brand's own slogan attesting to that: "Patty Pimps & Purveyors Of Filth". Now the ultimate question: does it taste as good as it looks?

After a first bite, it is clear that there is something special going on here. This is a burger that balances every aspect so carefully to deliver a perfect combination of flavours. The yoghurt and buttermilk brioche bun is smooth and fresh adding a sweetness to the overall taste, especially when paired with the maple bacon. The combination of American cheese, ketchup and mustard makes it messy, but empowered with extra flavour, without over-complicating it.

And then there's the patty. It was cooked medium well and oozed flavour. Original Patty Men states it is a 35 day-aged longhorn blend, which they heavily researched. It certainly paid off. This patty was cooked impeccably and exploded with flavour and juices, but did not feel fatty.

This review would not be complete without also mentioning the O.D.B fries. These are tripled-cooked skin-on fries topped with the O.P.M spice mix, jalapeno slaw, sriracha mayo, fried onions and spring onions. They are a divine taste. I am not usually a fan of slaw, but the combination of flavours with these fries is nothing short of genius and completes the meal.

The 'Bacon Cheese' at Original Patty Men is the epitome of bacon cheeseburgers. Each element of the burger synthesises perfectly with the next, ultimately accommodating the succulent patty at the centre. I would recommend a visit to this authentic, charismatic burger joint to anybody and can promise it will not disappoint.

Patty Master Musings:

  • I will endorse the 'Big Verns' burger just as much as the 'Bacon Cheese', especially if you have a sweet-tooth. Make sure you double up though, as it's not as big as the 'Bacon Cheese'.
  • Always ask about the specials; sometimes they are as fantastic as the usual menu items.
  • Enjoy the great range of beers courtesy of Siren Craft; official collaboration with Original Patty Men.
  • Thank me later for telling you about this place.
  • Did I dip it? Never. Not even the fries will require dipping.

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