Le Fromton, Alfred Burger - Paris, France

Three days in Paris could only mean one thing: three days of burgers. Embarking on a Disney Land adventure means theme park goodness, paired with typically average theme park food. This was evident with my visits to Disney Village’s ‘Planet Hollywood’ and Disneyland Park’s ‘Cowboy Cookout’. However, staying in the commune of Chessy, a short journey from the parks, meant I could venture to other eating establishments outside the realm of Mickey.

I did my research on Alfred Burger, and with it being rated the number one place to eat in Chessy on TripAdvisor, this made it an absolute must on my Paris agenda. To my joy, my hotel was also a short walk away, making it the perfect headline act in my Paris burger voyage, after two disappointing support acts in the parks.

Sitting at the heart of a beautiful little village square, Alfred Burger exuded taste before I had even tried the burger. With a bold and effective exterior, teamed with a genuine but simplistic interior, it was refreshing to be in a restaurant that shied away from faux-American or imitation themes.

The staff, well versed in English, were also fantastic and friendly. My typical approach to ordering a burger is to find out what the signature is, and I had no difficulties in finding recommendations from my server.

With only six burgers on the menu and one special, I wanted to be sure I was experiencing the best Alfred Burger had to offer. Notably the restaurant featured a salmon burger, 'Le Poiscaille', which on a braver day I would have attempted. However, the answer had to be beef on this occasion, to which my server recommended 'Le Fromton'.

Here's a burger with character: Tomme de Savoie cheese, Fourme d'Ambert blue cheese, caramelised onions, rocket and Espelette pepper mayonnaise. Each patty is locally sourced from Aubrac cattle and sits inside a fresh brioche bun. With so much quality in this list of ingredients, expectations were above and beyond and I was ready to tuck in.

The grand unwrapping revealed a burger large in surface diameter, but small in height. The contents of the burger were concealed by the large bun, somewhat diminishing the overall presentation. Any unease was put aside when picking it up, however, as the freshness of the ingredients became apparent.

After a first bite, I was hugely impressed with the quality of this burger. To reiterate, this was one of the freshest burgers I had ever tasted, completely free of any manufactured feel. I had requested a medium patty, and received medium-well, but fortunately this did not detract from the flavour. The meat was beautifully succulent stealing some of the flavour back from the two cheeses.

However, when ordering a burger with blue cheese on, it is always difficult to strike the perfect balance. The Fourme d'Ambert was a delicious flavour, but there was a little too much of it between the buns. This somewhat drowned the flavour from the other areas of the burger, particularly the onions, rocket and mayonnaise.

Alfred Burger does so much right and very little wrong. The burgers are amidst the freshest you will ever eat and the flavours going on within them will exceed expectations. My only drawback, which may be more relevant to my menu choice than the overall restaurant, is that the blue cheese was too dominant. Next time I may try that salmon burger...

Patty Master Musings:

  • I can't help but feel that had I ordered a different burger, this place would have hit a 9 out of 10.
  • Fries were a little plain. They did have an option to upgrade to cheesy fries, but I feel given my burger choice, that would have been cheese overload and I'd have had extremely vivid Disney dreams.
  • Great value for money this place, though when you are next door to Disney, that isn't so hard...
  • The ordering set-up was similar to Five Guys, but they used a bell to let you know your food was ready. I enjoyed that.
  • Did I Dip It? Goodness, no! This was blue cheese mayhem.

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