Peanut Butter & Bacon, Handmade Burger Co - Birmingham, UK

I used to frequent Handmade Burger Co regularly. It was one of only a few dedicated burger joints in Birmingham, prior to the arrival of Five Guys, Byron, GBK and Original Patty Men. Whilst my attendance at this restaurant has since dwindled, my fondness of its longstanding presence within Birmingham burger culture has not.

Their menu is ever-evolving and whilst they have a range of classics that have stuck with them from the start, the company always strive to experiment with new flavours: sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad.

I typically go for the beef option, but having already reviewed the 'Jimmy's Beef Cheese Classic' not too long ago, I decided to go for a chicken alternative... and load it up with peanut butter and bacon.

Handmade produce sizeable burgers, often aesthetically pleasing. This one adhered to that statement too, with neatly layered chicken, bacon and lettuce topped with peanut butter on the lid and chilli jam on the bottom.

Despite the tidy aesthetic, the cross-section got messy quickly with it becoming clear this burger was smothered with peanut butter and chilli jam.

This was unfortunate as the taste of almost every other element was drowned by these two potent flavours, particularly the peanut butter. Even as a huge peanut butter fan, the burger was simply too sickly towards the end.

As for the chicken, it was a little bland. Chargrilled chicken breasts are somewhat limited on taste and whilst this one was not necessarily dry, it was certainly lacking key decisive flavouring. However, the accompanying smoked bacon was a delicious addition managing to somewhat drive forward flavour above the prominent peanut butter.

Handmade Burger Co's 'Peanut Butter & Bacon' is a noble attempt at the beloved peanut butter and jelly burger. Unfortunately it falls short due to its overly sickly-sweet nature and lack of decisive flavour with the chicken. Handmade Burger Co has a great range of burgers that I would recommend ahead of this one.

Patty Master Musings:

  • There are great deals to be had at Handmade Burger Co, particularly if you sign up for their newsletter.
  • Did I Dip It? I did not. If anything, I needed a little more burger for the sauce overload.

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