Ultimate Burger, Boston Tea Party - Birmingham, UK

Boston Tea Party is an independent chain of cafés that pride themselves on a strong ethical background. Each restaurant is unique, with the Birmingham establishment sitting at the top of Corporation Street in what I would assume to be a converted pub.

Before talking about the menu, it is worth mentioning that this café is a great place to relax. The staff are friendly, the venue is well-lit and airy and the atmosphere is brilliant. Settle with a coffee and a cake whilst enjoying a board game or enjoy the full menu offering everything from breakfasts to sandwiches to salads.

For me, I had to sample the wonderfully named 'Ultimate Burger'; a unique beef & bacon patty, Emmental cheese, pickled red onion, gherkin, Boston burger sauce and cos letttuce between a sesame bun.

Vibrant is a great word to describe this burger. Whilst the initial colour of the bun, slightly blackened suggesting overtoasted, was a little worrying, the colours of the red onion, gherkin, cheese and the patty made it glow with an alluring presence. The cross-section was even more impressive really showcasing that unique bacon and beef patty blend.

The bun was perhaps as expected; somewhat overdone on top giving it too much of a contrasting crunch, whilst the bottom quickly became soggy, likely due to the pickled red onions. With that said, it did a solid job in holding the burger together through to the final bite.

Gherkins are always a winner on a burger for me and this was no difference being both fresh and tasty. Even more impressive were the pickled red onions adding a sweetness to the proceedings with every mouthful.

On to the cheese and sauce; the former was delightfully balanced throughout driving a slightly nutty taste. However, the Boston burger sauce seemed to be non-existant; a real shame as this would have further developed necessary flavours to move this burger up a notch. Funnily enough, the lettuce was also nowhere to be seen. A tad strange.

The patty was an interesting one for sure. The beautiful pink colour almost misleads your taste-buds in to thinking you are enjoying a rare-cooked piece of beef, but the unfortunate slightly dry taste reminds you this is not the case. With that said, the bacon blended in was strong but not overpowering making this a generally enjoyable experience. The thickness of the patty was also spot on, resulting in the meat being at the taste forefront of each bite.

I would put Boston Tea Party's 'Ultimate Burger' slightly above average in terms of taste. It was vibrant with strong ingredients throughout, but the lacking burger sauce (and lettuce?) meant there was a little magic missing somewhere along the way. The unique beef and bacon patty blend, whilst an enjoyable change, also felt dry at times, likely due to its requirement to be cooked through. Perhaps not quite the 'Ultimate' burger, but a solid attempt for a café!

Patty Master Musings:

  • Before tucking in to our food, I enjoyed a round of 'Logo Board Game' with my fiancee. I wanted Jenga, but somebody else had taken it.
  • This place is always busy with a great atmosphere. I have never seen it empty.
  • The staff really are great. They are friendly, talkative and genuine, making the whole experience more enjoyable.
  • Did I Dip It? I had to a little on the last few bites unfortunately. It really lacked that burger sauce.

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