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Situated underneath a railway arch (this feels familiar) a short walk from Worcester Station lies the oh-so-appropriately named ‘Burger Shop’. You wouldn’t have thought it, but these guys sell burgers. Founded as a ‘passion project’, the 'A Rule of Tum' team has since opened three restaurants in under three years; two 'Burger Shop' establishments and one steakhouse known as 'The Bookshop' (unfortunately not 'Steak Shop'). I can only imagine the success of the brand is a testament to their good food. Let's find out.

The restaurant is simplistic in design with a typical industrial chic (I feel like I’ve said that a lot recently). Exposed brick, wooden tables and big glass windows just about sums everything up, with a bonus outside seating area for those summer burger sessions. Lucky for me, the sun was shining, so I plonked myself down to soak up the rays and peruse the menu.

It took only a glance for me to decide what I was having, though there were only five choices in total anyway. And that’s not a criticism. Excluding the vegetarian option (one day, Falafel burger, one day!) I had the choice of the ‘Pulled Welsh Lamb Burger’, ‘The Worcester Blue’ (blue cheese), ‘Crispy Smoked Chicken Burger’ (with an apple slaw – sounded amazing) or ‘Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger’. This Farmer Tom guy sounded like he knew what he was doing, with the burger boasting a Hereford beef patty, mature cheddar, dill pickles, mustard mayo, ketchup and baby gem lettuce between a brioche bun.

The meal arrived on a black tray. The burger was wrapped in white paper and topped with a branded black ‘Burger Shop’ sticker. I unwrapped it like a giddy child at Christmas, almost forgetting to snap it before I slammed it in to my face.

Yes! What a flavour fusion, what a balance of ingredients! Where do I start?

Cheese! Striking the balance of volume and strength of cheese in a burger is one of the hardest things to do. It is played safe in the majority of burgers with mild (and often cheap) cheese used. That, or the opposite end of the spectrum, particularly with blue cheese burgers, it is so prominent you can taste nothing else and then have to spend the rest of the day breathing farts.

The mature cheddar was on-point here. It was bold enough to stand out, but did not overwhelm the taste buds, ultimately bolstering the dynamic unity of flavours. Oh, Farmer Tom... Behave.

Ketchup and (mustard) mayo are fundamental flavours in burgers like these. Yes, they are basic, but they coordinate like Laurel and Hardy. Insert some over-used phrase about ‘simple being better’ here.

I am not going to talk about the pickles because anybody who has read any of my other reviews will know that I am a pickle enthusiast. My fridge is a pickle shrine. I want to bathe in them and shrivel away to be more like them. Took it to a weird place there. They worked in the burger like they always do is what I meant to say.

The lettuce was lettucey. I’m a wordsmith. Let’s move on.

The brioche bun was fresh and perfectly sized holding together what could have been a considerably messier burger if it was not fit for purpose.

The patty was superb. It was seasoned well and retained its juiciness throughout, clearly a high quality cut of locally sourced meat. My only drawback would be the cook-time as it was served almost well done. Give me this burger medium or medium rare and I would hit it with the perfect score.

‘Burger Shop’ in Worcester eases its way in to the top end of my rankings list. 'Farmer Tom's Beef Burger' is a perfect concoction utilising simple ingredients to build a powerhouse of flavours. From the high quality meat and mature cheese to the crunchy pickles and fresh brioche bun, this is a burger that delivers on all levels. If you are in the Worcester area, I implore you to stop by.

Patty Master Musings:

  • Try the chips too! Rosemary salted with a creamy house mayo - drool.
  • We visited at lunch, which really set the tone for a great day out in Worcester. It's a beautiful city.
  • Did I Dip It? Absolutely not.

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