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The clue is certainly in the name with Meating; an independent Birmingham restaurant specialising in burgers. With the bold claim of taking its guests to 'meat heaven' (no innuendo), the bar was high for this intriguing establishment.

The interior was a little strange. The closest description I can conjure was that it was like being inside a cartoonish cow-shed, complete with exposed piping and, frankly, random junk.  I am all for straying away from the typical burger restaurant themes, but I would at least suggest some kind of consistency in design and layout.

The menu felt more focused with a variety of strong sounding burgers. In-fact, I was lured in by just about every beef option on the menu. However, my sweet-tooth craving got the best of me when placing my order and I simply could not resist the 'PB&J' burger. Two beef patties, candy bacon, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, strawberry relish, lettuce and a gherkin on a fresh bun.

At £11.95 including fries and slaw, I was pleased with the reasonable price tag for a burger with two patties and a whole lot toppings. However, when the burger landed in front of me, I was even more impressed at the magnitude of this meal.

Whilst presentation left much to be desired, the sheer size of this burger more than made up for this slobbering mess. Accepting that this is perhaps the very definition of a 'dirty burger', I decided to tuck in.

The initial explosion of flavour was superb. There was so much going on in this burger that the tastebuds were assaulted with taste. However, this was also why this burger did not work. The level of intensity of taste was welcome at first, but soon became sickly and too intense.

Don't get me wrong, most of the ingredients tasted great; from the candy bacon and cheese to the peanut butter and strawberry relish. The issue was more of an imbalance in volume of ingredients, which also meant the taste of the patties were drowned out. Notably the bun was also a little dry, lacking freshness.

Because of this, assessing the meat in this burger is difficult. The menu had stated the patties would be cooked medium, which was 50% true with one patty being cooked about right and the other a little closer to well-done. The official site does not give much away about the cut or age of the meat either, simply stating a 'secret blend of dry aged beef'. *shrugs*

Meating clearly know how to produce monstrous burgers with intense flavours. With the the PB&J burger, the issue was not necessarily the quality of ingredients, but the volume of them. With too much peanut butter, strawberry relish and cheese going on, the taste of the meats were masked. After devouring this beast, I struggled to walk home.

Patty Master Musings:

  • My obsession with peanut butter clearly clouds my judgement of burgers. I will need to return to Meating to sample some of the other menu items.
  • I went for truffle fries with parmesan. Moderate at best. Didn't eat half of them either as I was so stuffed.
  • I wanted to award points for just how sickly this burger was. That's an impressive feat in itself.
  • Did I Dip It? I did not. With cheese, strawberry relish and peanut butter, there were already too many flavours going on.

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