Balsamic Pulled Beef Burger, The Lost & Found - Birmingham, UK

The Lost & Found is a beautiful bar and restaurant located within a grand Victorian building. Both inside and out is a true marvel, with architectural magnificence defining every aspect of the establishment. Situated in Central Birmingham, this is a popular choice for evening cocktails, as well as a solid meal.

With typically British dishes lining the menu, spearheaded by a huge range of somewhat overpriced steaks, my decision to instead opt for the single burger available perhaps foreshadowed what was to come.

Never-the-less, the burger description was strong and lured me right back in; beef patty, balsamic pulled beef short rib, smokey tomato ketchup in a seeded cream enriched bun. Eloquent delivery with the aptly named 'Balsamic Pulled Beef Burger' - perhaps there was hope yet?

It is worth noting at this point that the service was shambolic. After waiting twenty minutes to be seated, we were told to instead to sit within the bar area. Following this, our order was seemingly forgotten about until we chased it after a fourty minute wait. For this place to win me over again, this burger needed to deliver... And then I received this.

I was at a lost for words upon receiving this burger. I had initially thought I had been served a children's meal. I am all about the taste when rating burgers, but the importance of size cannot be overlooked and this was concerning.

My experienced failed to improve after biting in to this burger. The bottom of the bun was thin and soggy, whilst the top was neither seeded nor cream enriched. In-fact, it tasted and looked like it came out of a Warburtons six-pack of rolls.

Both the meats were bland and uninspired. The beef patty, despite being cooked medium well, was tasteless, clearly under-seasoned. Having pulled meats on burgers is a great way to infuse flavour, but in this instance, it was lacklustre, with my expectations of a strong balsamic flavour not at all being met.

This was perhaps the most disappointing burger reveal I have ever witnessed. The size of this burger would barely feed a child and unfortunately the taste was nothing special either. A bland patty, with bland pulled beef topped topped with far too little sauce, means this burger is a low scorer. Stick to just drinking at this place -- or at the very least, avoid ordering a burger.

Patty Master Musings:

  • My party ordered roast dinners. Although not overwhelming either, they were at least reasonably sized and not created for Stuart Little.
  • At £12.95, this was £1 more than I had paid the day before at Meating, where the burger was three times the size.
  • Just avoid ordering a burger from here. Full stop.
  • Did I Dip It? Yes. The fries came with a mustard & rapeseed mayonnaise which was sadly the highlight of the meal. Dipping required from first bite.

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