B&H Scottish Beef Burger, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings - London, UK

Located in the Clerkenwell area of London sits Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings; a delightful space for food and drink.

I sat in the bar area during my visit, but it is noteworthy that this establishment has multiple spaces each with their own unique charm, including a garden room and club room. The interior is airy, spacious and bright throughout exuding an esteemed quality.

Bourne & Hollingsworth aren't exactly known for burgers. The menu has a range of main courses including risotto, trout, steak and curry. Only one burger is present on the menu; the B&H Scottish beef burger, served with cheese, bacon and pickled onions with thick cut chips. Sounds like a classic.

My initial thoughts were positive. This was a tall, vibrant and balanced looking burger. The first bite was pleasing, but not overwhelming. Despite the high quality of ingredients, nothing delivered 'outside the box' so-to-speak.

The cheese was the most potent flavour, largely because there was no other sauce on the burger. Melted around the patty and oozing out of the bun, the strong taste was welcome and enjoyable.

The back bacon was surprisingly not crispy, but worked well in driving flavour regardless. The age-old debate of streaky vs. back on a burger has me going backwards and forwards with each meal I enjoy. Typically more premium or posh burgers opt for back bacon and it worked well here.

The patty was not quite as enjoyable. It was cooked well-done, as expected, ultimately resulting in a dry and somewhat bland flavour. This was a shame given it was perfectly sized and balanced with the rest of the components.

The bun was a little dry, especially the lid which was considerably thicker than the bottom. Due to this imbalance, the bottom became soggy from the cheese overload. The salad, however... very fresh!

Bourne & Hollingsworth's 'Scottish Beef Burger' is a smart meal that ultimately lacks the substance to pull it ahead. The ingredients generally felt premium, giving it vibes of a healthier burger than perhaps the norm I am used to. However, this likely led to it being the reason it didn't stand out very much. There are certainly better items on the menu at this beautiful restaurant.

Patty Master Musings:

  • In summer, this is a beautiful place to be. I recommend popping in if you are local, even if it's just for a drink.
  • The late night clubroom apparently has sparklers. SPARKLERS!!
  • The chips were crazy thick-cut. I got about 4 -- they were top notch though.
  • Did I Dip It? Yeah, I needed that ketchup about half way in. The cheese needed a partner in crime.

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