Homemade Beef Burger, Gas Street Social - Birmingham, UK

As Summer approaches, finding the best venues to spend a sunny afternoon is key. Cue the Mailbox: Birmingham's canal-side restaurant and shopping complex. With a strong line-up of eating establishments, there is something for everybody at the Mailbox, including burgers. This time around I headed to Gas Street Social; a cocktail bar and restaurant specialising in sharer dishes, socialising (who'd have thought?!) and alcoholic goodness.

The allure for me was the 2-for-1 Burger Mondays. The menu was interesting, particularly the social plates and range of all-day breakfasts. The choice of burgers was minimal with only three core options: beef, chicken or vegetarian. From there, you 'accessorise' your selection with one of three sauces and additional toppings.

I was glad to be in attendance on a Monday as the core price of the beef option was £12.50 alone. With what I deemed as the required toppings of cheddar cheese and bacon, this burger would have cost £15.50 had it not been buy one get one free. Fortunately you do get chips as well. The burger is served between a buttermilk brioche bun and topped with lettuce, tomato and onion, as well as my choice of 'sauce': caramelised balsamic onions (not quite sauce).

Visually the burger was a winner and I was impressed with the fresh feel of it from the first bite, though what immediately became apparent was how dry and imbalanced the bun was in relation to the rest of the components. It's a shame as it was clearly fresh and had a nice crisp to it, but the bread ratio was off and likely due to how dry it was, it began crumbling away at the bottom.

On to the components: the salad was well-balanced and felt fresh, bringing a welcome vibrancy to the burger. The cheese was unfortunately very thinly layered on top of the patty lacking in overall taste as a result. The real winner of the toppings were the caramelised onions. I am a sucker for sweetness in burgers anyway, but these were good caramelised onions driving substantial flavour.

The patty was thick and well-seasoned, though the cook-time was well-done likely resulting in the overall dry taste. The streaky bacon was a required addition, adding a crispy and delicious flavour throughout.

Gas Street Social's 'Homemade Beef Burger' sits slightly above average in the taste department, thanks to the delicious caramelised onions and streaky bacon. Unfortunately, these two components were let down by the dry bun and beef. I would have this burger again, but only on the 2-for-1 deal, and definitely loaded up with toppings. Regardless, Gas Street Social is a great bar with good vibes, especially in the heat of summer.

Patty Master Musings:

  • This place oddly felt like a London chain, especially with the prices, but it isn't. (I guess the name is a giveaway, right? Unless they just build their restaurants on Gas Streets around the UK. Odd business plan)
  • Did I Dip It? I had to a little at the end once the caramelised onions had disappeared from my life.

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