Best Lunch in Birmingham City Centre

Sometimes you have to take a break from that yawn-worthy salad or bland chicken & rice. Working in the city myself, the temptation to dine out is often an overwhelming one, particularly on that feel good friday. There are so many fantastic eating establishments in town for lunch, so expect a part two (and likely three, four, five, six) to this article at some point in the nearby future. For now, these are 10 of my current favourites:

Anderson & Hill - Certainly my favourite delicatessen in town, Anderson & Hill concoct some of the finest sandwiches around. Expect high quality cured meats and a delightful amount of cheese.
Price: £4-£5 for a sandwich
Location: Great Western Arcade

Mr Egg - Since its ownership change in 2016, Mr. Egg, now belonging to Happy Lemon (the bubble tea company), have completely reworked the menu. Largely Chinese-inspired dishes, I would highly recommend the Beijing wrap. I guarantee you will not regret it!
Price: £3-£4 for the wrap and most side-orders
Location: Hurst Street

Bill's - Delicious food in a great atmosphere sums Bill's up. Although perhaps one of the more expensive lunch plans compared to the rest of the list, I can guarantee the menu will hit the spot.
Price: £10-£15
Location: Bullring

Monty's - Monty's is a superior Subway allowing you to 'build your own' sandwich using fresh ingredients. What stands out for me is the portion size as each sandwich is piled high with goodness. I normally go for the chicken and avocado with lettuce, spinach and tomato, topped with a touch of mayo and salt & pepper. It really hits the spot!
Price: £3-£4 for a sandwich
Location: Colmore Row

Wrap Chic - When I think of wraps and burritos, Indian food does not immediately spring to mind... Until Wrap Chic came along. With incredible unique flavours, I can guarantee this will be a wrap you will be going back for.
Price: £4-£5 for a wrap, £5-£6 for a burrito
Location: Bullring

Pirlo's - Sometimes a lunch should just be a huge, sickly sundae or waffle. When that craving hits, get yourself to Pirlo's for your sweetness fix.
Price: £6-£8
Location: Coventry Street, Digbeth

4023 - If Mediterranean food is your thing, 4023 is a must. If Mediterranean food isn't your thing, 4023 is still a must. My personal favourite on the menu are the souvlakis which are packed full of flavour and can be served as part of a meal deal with chips and a drink.
Price: £3-£5
Location: Stephenson Street, just behind Grand Central

Original Patty Men - I mean, c'mon, it has to be on the list, right? Conjuring burger magic from Thursday through to Sunday, this is a lunch destination that will make you want to cancel the rest of your afternoon.
Price: £7-£8 for a burger
Location: Shaw's Passage

La Vera - Somewhat of a hidden gem, La Vera serves up some of the best pizzas in the area at affordable prices. That wood-fired pizza oven makes all the difference.
Price: £6-£8 per pizza
Location: Martineau Place

Medicine Bakery - Open only Fridays and Saturdays (for now), this hidden bakery will blow you away, serving kronuts, cupcakes, flapjacks, focaccia and more. I am yet to have anything from the menu that I disliked.
Price: £3-£5
Location: High Street, near Victoria Square


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