Libertine 004, Libertine Burger - Birmingham, UK

It is crazy that it has taken me this long to get myself a Libertine Burger. They are the latest burger addition to Digbeth Dining Club, formed in 2016 by a Warwickshire based chef. My first encounter with the brand, however, happened at the Independent Birmingham festival at the beautiful Aston Hall.

Served out of the side of a Renault Master, I can only think that if I was to be kidnapped, this is the van in which I would want it to happen. I am not too sure why that is one of the first thoughts that came to my head. The van is decorated well with the red, white and blue burger logo standing out most prominently.

The menu does not mess about. You are either having a beef or chicken option, all of which are called 'Libertine' followed by a number. Whilst the chicken burgers were buttermilk fried, making them instantly more difficult to resist, I had to opt for the 6oz dry aged beef going for the 'Libertine 004'. The burger boasted American cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, pickles and smoky bacon on a seeded bun.

If I was going to craft the perfect burger, I would include almost everything above to do so. Bacon cheeseburgers are the staple classic in the industry for me and Libertine's rendition is a good one.

The seeded bun was fresh and lightly toasted, balanced well with the other ingredients. The salad and pickles were welcome as usual.

The American cheese was mild and moderately applied building additional flavour, paired well with the ketchup and mustard; the latter in particular standing out.

The bacon was beautifully thick and crunchy, perhaps driving the most amount of flavour to the burger. The patty was an interesting one. Made up of 20% flank, 30% brisket and 50% chuck, it was cooked through to the point where it was actually crunchy. Though the cook-time I will maintain as an issue, the crunch on the patty was delicious whilst still remaining succulent throughout.

The Libertine 004 was a solid bacon cheeseburger sourced from high quality ingredients. The balance and fusion of flavours worked well, though despite enjoying the crunch on the patty, it was still overcooked for me. In addition, I would have switched up the cheese to something more distinguished on the tastebuds. With that said, this was still a great burger and something is telling me Libertine Burger will be around for a long time to come.

Patty Master Musings:

  • The branded packaging was a nice touch. These guys have a great brand image.
  • I wore my burger socks for the occasion.
  • Did I Dip It? Great sauce combinations here, so no need.

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