Arnie Sarnie, Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Birmingham, UK

Venue: After a few fairly average meals, Gourmet Burger Kitchen dropped off my radar for quite some time. In-fact, with burger culture so prevalent in Brum in the past few years, I realised I actually hadn't been back for over a year. However, with some solid specials on with the affordable January 2 for £12 deal, I couldn't resist heading back to the Mailbox to see what GBK was all about.

The Burger: The 'Arnie Sarnie' is on fire on social media. Patty melts are not that common of a thing here in the UK, which is frankly baffling, therefore creating one and theming it to the Terminator is a genius move. The 'Arnie Sarnie' includes a 6oz burger sandwiched between two slices of roasted onion loaf with mature cheddar, Red Leicester, Terminator sauce, jalapenos, caramelised onions and chipotle butter.

The Good: To be served a perfectly cooked medium rare patty between a deliciously toasted onion loaf, oozing two types of cheese down the sides was a reassuring feeling.

The cheese was certainly the most potent flavour, as expected given the volume and maturity. The jalapenos were well balanced offering a kick, but offset nicely through the caramelised onions.

The Bad: I wasn't getting much through from the Terminator sauce, likely due to the overpowering cheeses. Whilst not necessarily a bad thing, a slight rebalance could have enhanced the flavour.

I would have also liked some additional seasonings on the meat.

The Summary: I take my hat off to GBK here. This was such a solid special and, to be completely honest, the best thing on the menu full stop. Patty melts, when done well, rival the traditional burger and I would smash my face in to one of these again any time. Let's hope it makes it way to the permanent menu. If it does... I'll be back. Eurgh. End of review.

Patty Master Musings:

  • The 'Arnie Sarnie' is on until March 2018. Get it whilst you can!
  • GBK have a rule during lunch that if they do not serve your burger in 15 minutes, you get the next one free. A dangerous game that kinda makes you wish your lunch won't arrive on time.
  • The tomato ketchup bottles are shaped like tomatoes in here. Why do I enjoy that so much?
  • Did I Dip It? Not necessary with that cheese ooze!

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