Buffalo Blue, Coast to Coast - Birmingham, UK

Coast to Coast turns the conventional concept of ‘American restaurant’ on its head, priding itself on premium appearance within a more sophisticated atmosphere, unlike its many counterparts such as TGI Fridays and Five Guys.

Located on Broad Street not too far from Brindley Place, Coast to Coast is a great outlet for nightlife boasting a strong cocktail menu and plenty bar space to appease the rowdy weekend crowd. However, I had only one intention on my visit and that was to slam my face in to a burger.

The menu was strong throughout with good variety, but not feeling too overcrowded. Jumping to the burger section revealed a choice of eleven, distributed between ‘Old Favourites’ and ‘New Discoveries’. The latter included a ‘Surf and Turf’ burger; an intriguing but peculiar menu item, whilst the former boasted the ‘Double Burger’, which was delightfully illustrated on a full-page spread like a desirable cover-girl - burger porn in all its towering glory.

Torn for choice, I quizzed the waiter who instead drove me towards the ‘Buffalo Blue’; a 7oz beef patty, lettuce, beef tomato, mayo, melted blue cheese and hot Buffalo sauce within a sourdough bun. Curious of this interesting combo, I went with the suggestion, hoping I would not regret that missed ‘Double Burger’ opportunity.

A mixture of emotions hit me when the burger landed. This was a clean burger, teased with an intentional overspill of buffalo sauce. As previously stated, Coast to Coast prides itself on premium appearance, even with its food. With that in mind, however, it still felt like something was lacking. On top of that, watch that buffalo sauce - nobody likes a soggy bottom.

The dissection was impressive. Good layers balancing salad, sauce and meat, though notably the bun was a little on the thin-side top and bottom.

My relationship with blue cheese is a fond one, though on a burger you run the risk of all the other flavours being overpowered due to the potency of it. Surprisingly this burger balanced it well and was offset pleasantly by the buffalo sauce, which gave it enough of a kick to tickle the taste buds, but not blow your head off with intensity.

The 7oz beef patty, coming from 100% farm assured grass-fed beef, was cooked well-done and was a good thickness. However, as suspected, it was a little dry to bite in to lacking the juiciness that would complement the cheese and buffalo sauce.

Coast to Coast is a great restaurant with plenty to offer for any time or occasion. Whilst the burgers sit above average for me, they are less of a specialism and more of a menu item like any other – good, but not exceptional. My burger was nicely balanced ingredient-to-ingredient, but the flavours simply did not blow me away, with the meat tasting particularly average.

Patty Master Musings:

  • Coast to Coast feels like the offspring of a TGI Fridays and an All-Bar One.
  • My server was so new she had to ask her manager if she could take my drinks order and food order at the same time. Luckily it was allowed. Phew.
  • Did I Dip It? Only in to the overspill buffalo sauce. The flavour fusion was an interesting combo, though towards the end of the meal the buffalo sauce was lacking.

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