Good Stuff Melt, Good Stuff Eatery - Washington D.C, USA

I was unaware of the background of 'Good Stuff Eatery' before I arrived at the restaurant, and even with a large picture of Spike Mendelsohn on the wall, I was still clueless as to who he was. After doing a little research, not only in to Spike, but the family-run business that culminated in this burger joint, the vision and feel of 'Good Stuff Eatery' made sense.

One of the most commendable points about this restaurant was the good vibes I felt throughout my visit. The staff were friendly and the youthful atmosphere was positive. The restaurant interior was a typical wooden rustic theme and the set-up and ordering style echoed that of Five Guys.

A browse through the burgers left me torn, lured in by several potential choices including 'Spike's Sunnyside' which boasted a fried egg and the 'Michelle Melt' which featured a turkey patty. However, the 'Good Stuff Melt' felt like the most apt choice in terms of a solid burger choice with the menu listing melted cheddar and muenster cheese, caramalised onions, caramalised mushrooms topped with 'Good Stuff' sauce.

My food was served in a branded paper bag; a nice touch. The unwrapping revealed a somewhat underwhelming sight, however. The burger was fairly flat, lacking the clear layers portrayed so wonderfully in its picture.

Where presentation lacked, the burger delivered on taste with the two types of cheeses coming through most prominently on the first bite. The driving taste of the cheese somewhat drowned the caramelised onions and mushrooms, though the lacking volume of these two additions may also accredit to that. The 'Good Stuff' sauce, a slightly sweetened burger sauce, was also enjoyable.

The meat was cooked medium well and remained succulent with every bite. Good Stuff Eatery emphasises both the freshness and quality of all their ingredients, which was reflected in the taste of this patty.

When working through this burger, the brioche bun had a tendency to crumble, particularly the bottom. Although not a huge issue given the nature of this burger, nobody likes that soggy bottom.

This was a solid fast-food burger with a premium feeling to it. The freshness of the ingredients clearly shrone through and although the drawbacks came in the form of overpowering cheese and a soggy bun, the patty and sauces more than made up for it. On-top of that, the restaurant itself was a highlight with an awesome atmosphere. If you are in Georgetown, make sure you swing by.

Patty Master Musings:

  • Try the sauces here. There's a huge range and they all taste fantastic. This is definitely something Five Guys lacks.
  • My fiancée, who at this point was sick of eating burgers, enjoyed Uncle D's famouse chili. She was impressed with it.
  • Did I Dip It? Despite the truly awesome range of sauces available at this place, there was no need to dip.

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