Southwest, Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, Washington D.C, USA

Keen to experience a proper sports bar whilst in the States, I ventured in to the 'Penn Quarter Sports Tavern' and pretended to understand American Football for an hour or so. I had just come from the nearby Newseum (perhaps my favourite museum in Washington D.C), so a decent lunch was required before heading back on to National Mall for a continuation of historical exploration.

The interior was as expected: TV's, high stools and a bar. With a different game playing on each TV, I pledged allegiance to the Jacksonville Jaguars because of my love for Florida, and not wanting to support the Man Utd-esque Patriots.

I had initially intended on shying away from a burger choice in order to sample other cuisine, but only the pizzas were luring me in. Having already experienced the genius of an '&Pizza' restaurant (a true 10/10), I was lured right back to the burgers; perhaps not expecting as much as a result.

Glancing at the burgers, however, revealed the familiar 'Certified Angus Beef'; the same meat I had enjoyed a few days prior at the Hard Rock Cafe. Still, there's more to a burger than just the patty, so I opted for the 'Southwest'; lettuce, tomato, onion, pepper-jack cheese, fresh jalapenos, crisp bacon, avocado salsa and chipotle mayo.

So the Jaguars lost, which apparently is normal nowadays -- a solid team choice there. Perhaps my burger was to be a winner instead (Do you see what I did there?) Presented with the lid off (why is this a thing?), this was an impressive looking and well-sized burger.

I tucked right in and was immediately impressed with my decision to go burger over pizza. The heat from the jalapenos was delightfully offset by the cooling avocado salsa, which perhaps was amidst the most dominant of flavours within the burger. The cheese was a a touch thin, but still came through, whilst perhaps the burger would have benefitted more from a stronger layer of chipotle mayo -- the only real imbalance.

On to the meats and starting with the bacon: surprisingly good, for crisp bacon, adding an extra touch to enhance flavour and certainly not stingy in quantity with two good thick long strips. The meat was cooked medium well (under request of 'medium') and, similar to Hard Rock, was an impressive piece of meat, slightly hindered once again by its lack of tenderness.

Still, this burger was a pleasant surprise, delivering a great fusion of flavours particularly with the avocado salsa and jalapenos. The cheese and bacon helped enhance the overall taste, whilst the drawbacks came with the lack of tenderness to the patty as well as the insufficient chipotle mayo, which would have pushed it to the next level of taste-bud sensation if delivered correctly. Plus the Jaguars lost - what is that all about...

Patty Master Musings:

  • A very dear friend of mine highly recommended this establishment. A very dear friend indeed. If I could rate this friend... He would be a 10/10.
  • I wish I understood even 10% of what was going on in the match.
  • Check out '&Pizza' if you haven't already. That is a 10/10 review for the future 'Pizza Master' blog.
  • Did I Dip It? There was no need with this one, as the avocado salsa, jalapenos and cheese did enough.

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