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I associate Burger King with holiday food. That’s not to say I go on holiday and seek out Burger King – though I guess there’s a level of reliability in dining in a chain of this magnitude. What I mean is that just about every major airport you visit will house this franchise.

Funny thing is; whether you’re travelling at the crack of dawn or late at night, a Burger King is a mighty decision to line the stomach pre-flight. My flight, in this particular instance, was roughly 8am in the morning – what better time is there to order a burger?

I have always preferred Burger King burgers against McDonald’s. Although I think the gap closed a little in the UK, when I am over in the States in particular, they are worlds apart. In-fact, McDonald’s in the states I tend to avoid because even that 20 nugget sharer box does not have the same vibes as it does in the UK.

After a perusal of the classic BK menu, I opted for the ‘California Chicken TenderCrisp’ from the current Route 66 promotion. Whilst I do trust beef options in BK, they still don’t produce the magic I want from a burger and to be frank I was sold by the idea of a chicken TenderCrisp meal for breakfast. Who isn’t?

With the crispy chicken at its core, the burger was topped with lettuce, onions, juicy tomatoes, cheese, some more cheese and a chipotle ranch sauce. Yeah, alright, I can run with that.

Visually the burger did its job. Whilst it wasn’t exactly a towering masterpiece, it retained a decent level of thickness, whilst also remaining stylistically pleasing, unlike your average fast food burger unwrapping.

The lack of freshness in the bun was apparent from the first bite. It was a little tough, typical of these big fast food chains.

The cheese slice looked a little sad, but was seemingly topped with more cheese in order to balance the lack of cheese. Uhh? The ranch sauce was in copious volumes, unfortunately a little too much so for my liking. In terms of taste, it was a rich mayo with a slight tang to it – a solid choice for chicken, but needs balancing with the other components.

TenderCrisp chicken is always delicious; deep fried goodness with every bite. It is no surprise this style of chicken quickly became a popular choice at Burger King as it does not disappoint.

Still, whilst the meat of the ‘California Chicken TenderCrisp’ was succulent from beginning to end, the other elements were subpar. The bun lacked freshness, the cheese was average and the ranch sauce, whilst tasty, was overused. I would stick to the regular menu choices, unless you are a huge fan of ranch sauce!

Patty Master Musings:

  • Luckily I was flying out at this point, so better things were to come.
  • Did I Dip It? There was a lot of sauce here, but no balance. I dunked it in to the ketchup to give it a more varied flavour.

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