Wagyu Burger, Lombardo's - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lombardo's is a tiny burger and sandwich restaurant located within the centre of Amsterdam, not too far from the Rijkmuseum. Despite its compact size, Lombardo's oozes character, utilising the finest and freshest ingredients for the ultimate gourmet experience.

The burger menu contained 10 choices; many of which shared similar components, most commonly the 'homemade burger sauce' and 'red wine onion compote'. I was drawn towards the 'Silence of the Lambs' and the 'Wagyu Burger', ultimately opting for the latter, keen to experience Lombardo's take on the popular Wagyu-style. I guess I am always a sucker for the beef option too.

My initial concern as the burger landed was the bun. It looked a little on the thick side, especially the lid. It was also lightly toasted, which could hinder overall taste if it made the bun too crunchy.

The cross-section told an entirely different story, however. The patty and fillings were clearly the dominant aspect of the burger, whilst the lightly toasted bun helped keep it all together so eloquently. Above all this was the fact that the meat sat at the center of the bun cooked a perfect medium rare.

This burger was a true delight to bite in to. The most pleasing aspect was that the meat shone through above anything else -- and for all the right reasons. This patty was thick, juicy and incredibly well-flavoured, highlighting the premium cut and perfect cook-time. I would go as far to say this was one of the finest tasting patties I have ever consumed.

The homemade burger sauce hit the palate next and was also a welcome experience. The usual ketchup/mayonnaise flavours pulled through, but with a slight hint of some kind of seafood sauce. Paired with this was the red wine onion compote which also stood out but did not overpower, helping to build the unique flavour.

The burger also contained lettuce, sweet tomatoes and mini pickles; the latter in particular helping to build additional flavour. Winding back to my initial worry for this burger: the bun. Given the juiciness of the patty and the pairing of the sauce and compote, a thick toasted bun actually worked considerably well. Although part of me perhaps still wishes I could sample the same burger with a brioche bun, I am happy there are still burger joints out there not jumping on to this bandwagon.

To summarise the 'Wagyu Burger' at Lombardo's in one word, I would go for 'unique'. This was one of the finer burgers I have tasted boasting high quality ingredients, especially the patty, and a superb array of balanced flavours around it.

Patty Master Musings:

  • There are about six seats in the entire restaurant. Be prepared to either wait for a seat or grab a takeaway.
  • Great staff in this place too -- very helpful in pointing me towards a burger as I was stuck between 'Wagyu' and 'Silence of the Lambs'.
  • They do not serve fries here! Kinda crazy for a burger joint, but at the same time I did not miss 'em.
  • In-fact, if you do want fries, there are some incredible places in town. I recommend 'Vlaams Friteshuis'. And get the fries sauce. Wow, tasty.
  • Did I Dip It? The patty alone drove sufficient flavour to avoid dipping and the pairing of the homemade burger sauce and red wine onion compote on-top made it pure magic.

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