Double Dutch, Hard Rock Cafe - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The last Hard Rock Cafe I conquered was Washington D.C. You can read that review here if you are interested. Interestingly enough, I had actually enjoyed a Heineken Burger back in the states. It was strange coming to Amsterdam, the home of Heineken, and not finding this burger on the menu. I guess this gave me opportunity to sample other options on Hard Rock's impressive menu instead.

This was one of the smaller Hard Rock Cafes I have visited, also being short in the way of merchandise too. On the flip-side, it did overlook the canal making it a great venue to spend an evening.

My typical approach to the menu when dining in this chain is to tackle either the limited edition burgers or the local legendaries. There were a few choices that immediately lured me in when browsing the Amsterdam menu including the 'Guinness & Jameson Burger' and the 'Hell's Bells Burger'. However, it was the 'Double Dutch' I went for, hoping to get a taste of Amsterdam in burger-form.

A Hard Rock burger is always a visual delight, often large in size and delightfully appetising. The 'Double Dutch' was no different, towering before me gloriously. The initial bite was strong too as a mixture of flavours danced around on the taste buds.

The homemade onion jam was potent in onion flavour, but also carried through an intriguing sweetness that boldly attempted to offset the overpowering meats. The Dutch also know their cheese and make no mistake this was one of the finer cheeses I have enjoyed on a burger, with the only downside being that there simply was not enough.

Or maybe there was. The more I tucked in to the burger, the more I realised the issue was in-fact the volume of meat. Starting with the locally sourced Dutch Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle patty, the beef struck a decent balance of meat to fat, though still lacked decisive seasonings. On-top of that, it was clear that the cook-time of the meat, well done, was a detriment to the overall taste. The Dutch sausage was strong flavoured boasting a smoked quality; a welcome addition. However, the volume of meat between the buns (no innuendos there) was simply too much.

Any burger lover will stress the importance of not only the quality of ingredients, but the volume in which they are used. This burger would have benefitted from a little less meat and a little more onion jam and cheese. Although the first bite was pleasing, I had to whip out the tomato ketchup by the end to balance out the meat feast. This was not a bad burger by any means, but Hard Rock can and do create much better.

Patty Master Musings:

  • This was the smallest Hard Rock Cafe I've been to, but absolutely beautiful during the day as it overlooks the canal. I recommend it.
  • The artisan fries are truly special at any Hard Rock. I swear by the garlic and herb.
  • Did I Dip It? It had to be done. The sheer amount of meat in this burger was not sufficiently balanced with sauces. Straight in to the ketchup.

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