Hubert Keller Burger, Burger Bar - Vegas, USA

Venue: Nestled within Mandalay Bay's shopping mall lies Hubert Keller's 'ultimate burger experience' Burger Bar. We are most certainly in posh burger territory here, with questionable price tags to match what I would assume to be high quality burger goodness. Still, the reviews are on point.

The Burger: Can't go wrong with Hubert's favourite choice, right? The 'Hubert Keller' burger boasts Buffalo meat, Caramelised onion, baby spinach and blue cheese on a Ciabatta Bun. Served with red wine and shallot sauce.

The Good: I was stuck choosing this burger for about fifteen minutes. The waitress had to come back 'round twice before I made the decision and even then I hadn't really made my mind up. For this reason, I had not realised it was actually buffalo meat, which came as a welcome surprise from the first bite. It was beautifully tender, perfectly cooked medium and almost fell away from the rest of the patty. Buffalo is typically a much leaner meat, so I was expecting it to be dry, but this was certainly not the case.

The key tastes, aside from the meat, were in the caramelised onions and red wine and shallot sauce. The former are always a welcome addition to a burger, whilst the latter is about as alien to me as it gets. Served separately, the sauce moistened the already tender meat and empowered, without overpowering, the flavours throughout.

When the burger was served, I was immediately worried about the bun. Ciabatta is not something I have previously encountered for a burger, but it absolutely worked. Being slightly tougher than the average bun, it helped soak up the sauce to retain additional flavour where perhaps a regular bun would have gone soggy. Bonus points for originality.

The Bad: There isn't much I disliked, but the lack of blue cheese was slightly disappointing. Where all the other flavours were perfectly balanced, a little more prominence on the blue cheese would likely have perfected this number.

The Summary: This is right up there with one of the most unique burgers I have encountered. The pairing of buffalo meat on a ciabatta bun worked extremely well when combined with caramelised onions and red wine and shallot sauce. The only drawback came with the volume of blue cheese. I'll be back Hubert Keller, I'll be back.

Patty Master Musings:

  • I hadn't heard of Hubert Keller. Sue me. Great burgers though -- good lad.
  • Mandalay Bay is a fantastic casino and the shopping area, whilst small, have some fantastic stores in.
  • There are some more expensive items on the menu, including wagyu/kobe that I will be taking on next year when I return.
  • The vibes in here are great. Finer burger dining, but a very welcoming atmosphere.
  • Did I Dip It? Absolutely not.

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