Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger, Hard Rock Cafe - Vegas, USA

I’ve done my fair share of Hard Rock Cafes and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about them it’s that the Americans do them best. Despite the chain originating in London, the service industry in the States trumps the UK on every level, perhaps due to the glaring issues of minimum wage found across the pond. Regardless, it’s a welcoming experience knowing you will be looked after properly during your meal.

I was to saddened to learn that the Hard Rock Café located in front of the Hard Rock Hotel off the strip had closed, though understandably so given its location. Instead, I ventured to the Hard Rock Café on the strip; the second largest in the world behind Orlando, Florida.

Before we move in to the food, let me say that this is an awesome establishment. The memorabilia is fantastic and if you get the opportunity to go to the top floor, make sure you do it. Every Hard Rock has unique memorabilia on offer and the Vegas restaurant houses some of the best, for obvious reasons.

The menu didn’t remain open for long. The Artisan Fries are always a given, therefore it’s just what burger to enjoy and spotting the new ‘Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger’ made the process a simple one. It included the usual half-pound patty made with Angus Beef blend, topped with Jameson bacon jam, Guinness cheese sauce, crispy lettuce and vine-ripened tomato. I’m always pleased to be offered how I want the meat served too, something almost unheard of in the UK now. Medium rare, please!

And it was served a perfect medium rare. Yes! Points for this alone as the juiciness of the meat shone through, though it was unfortunately too salty on the occasional bite; likely unevenly seasoned.

The bacon jam was just fantastic. This is an increasingly popular choice in burgers nowadays providing the wonderful usual taste of bacon and pairing it with a unique sweetness. The whiskey taste from the Jameson element of the jam was just enough to tweak the flavour, though still felt more prevalent than the Guinness.

Without a doubt the cheese sauce was delicious, though I would have liked it to be a bit more prominent on the burger, particularly that unique Guinness infusion.

The ‘Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger’ is a solid regular addition to the already impressive Hard Rock menu. There is no doubt in my mind that I would order this again for that delicious bacon jam alone. Despite the drawbacks in the unevenly seasoned patty and slightly imbalanced cheese sauce, the ‘Guinness Bacon Cheeseburger’ is a top choice.

Patty Master Musings:

  • Bacon jam, baconnaise, bacon, bacon, bacon. Bacon!
  • Alcohol in burgers seems to be a growing trend. Providing it does not overpower, I love the possibilities.
  • Did I Dip It? Absolutely not. Bacon JAM!

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