Spicy Miso Burger, Bachi Burger - Vegas, USA

Venue: Bachi Burger is raved about by the burger fanatics of Vegas. Off the strip, this Asian-inspired restaurant has a buzz about it that I simply had to check out.

The Burger: The 'Spicy Miso Burger' may well be the most experimental number I have ever encountered. With Angus beef, onions, Shishito pepper, mayo, lettuce, roasted garlic, Swiss cheese, fried egg and an apple vinaigrette, I was highly intrigued to sample the magic.

The Taste: I would love to know the thought process with a creation like this.

Starting at the beef, this custom blend of Angus beef was a winner, excelling in taste through high-quality well-seasoned meat. The cook time was slightly overdone as I asked for medium but received closer to well done.

The kick came through the peppers and garlic, surprisingly not overpowering, however, despite the 'spicy' labelling. In-fact, the fried egg offset any kind of heat very well, though I do struggle with the ooze of a yolk throughout a burger.

The apple vinaigrette was simply not potent enough in the burger, perhaps intentionally given its unique nature, but it would have built upon the dynamic flavours. In-fact, the same could also be said for the lack of mayo and cheese: neither really showing up on the tastebuds prominently enough.

The bun was right up there with the freshest I have tasted, whilst also holding everything together.

The Summary: Points for originality with the 'Spicy Miso Burger' for sure. Bachi Burger know how to put a burger together with a unique Asian twist. The good came with the delicious meat and intriguing flavours throughout, rounded off with an excellent bun. The negative came with the slight overcooking of the meat, as well as the lack of prominence of the apple vinaigrette, mayo and cheese. Still, it is evident that quality and creativity thrives in this restaurant and I'd love to go back on my next visit to Vegas.

Patty Master Musings:

  • I also ordered the truffle fries which, frankly, I couldn't stomach. Very potent stench that just didn't bode well.
  • We were very well looked after by the knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • Did I Dip It? Not necessary with so many different flavours bouncing around.

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