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My social feed is often full of ‘Burger & Beyond’ posts, with stunning towering burgers beautifully arranged. Located in Camden at the street food establishment known as ‘Kerb’, these guys are rocking the London burger scene. Instead of drooling over one of these bad-boys, I decided to get myself down there and see what the fuss is all about.

The cheeky little truck overlooks the canal in the rustle and bustle of the markets in a sea of fantastic street food vendors. The menu is about as simple as it gets, pleasing me greatly. Aside from the ‘Cheeseburger’, you can get yourself the ‘Hot Mess’ (cheese and heat) or ‘The Cliff’ (brisket, cheese and Pancetta bacon).

I wanted a classic, so I went down the cheeseburger route and chucked a bit of bacon in there: 45-day aged beef patty, double American cheese, pickled onion, smokey mayo and bacon between a fresh bun.

After a short wait involving me pining over the glorious smell all around me, the burger was served within a tidy branded box. Let’s eat!

The patty was cooked medium well (asked for medium rare) and was well-flavoured, though perhaps slightly too salty. Believe me, that’s quite rare for me to say too as I’m normally a salt-fiend. Still, the quality of the meat certainly shone through.

The bacon perfectly complimented the beef with a deliciously smoky flavour, zig-zagged across the meat in all its crispy goodness.

The cheese was quite heavily applied on to the patty (it is double cheese afterall!), driving substantial flavour, though slightly draining the smoky mayo taste out as a result. Whilst this is not a huge problem, the burger does not offset the flavour with anything else e.g. burger sauce or ketchup.

The biggest disappointment for me was the bun. I can’t help but feel like I was unlucky with this one, but the edges around the lower half of the bun were stale making it incredibly crispy, somewhat hindering the overall flavour. I can only imagine this was a one-off issue, however, as the rest of the bun was fresh and balanced.

Perhaps the stars did not quite align on my visit to ‘Burger & Beyond’ as the magic was not entirely there. Whilst the ‘Cheeseburger’ was deliciously flavoured with high quality meats, the patty was slightly overdone on both cook-time and salt. In addition, the stale bun, though likely a one-off, can’t be overlooked when assigning a rating. Maybe next time I’ll go for ‘The Cliff’ and my mind will be blown. Let’s hope so.

Patty Master Musings:

  • I can't emphasise enough how much I enjoyed Kerb and the surrounding food markets. Camden truly is an incredible place for food and drink.
  • Did I Dip It? This cheese-monster needed no dipping.

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